About us

The idea behind BreakOutTrips is to combine all the best activities including sightseeing in the chosen city with the best of what the nightlife has to offer.

We started in Budapest after the summer of 2014 after falling in love with the city while finishing our studies there. After a busy beginning we decided to take the business idea back home to our roots, Iceland.

Following the boom in tourism over the lastseveral yearsthe number of activities and options available to visitors in our home country have skyrocketed. We ensure thatguests get the most out of their visit, not just by helping to choose restaurants and tours, but also by setting up a personalised programme tailored to suit your interests. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste any of your time doing activities that are totally not worth, or to miss the best bar in the city because you didn’t know it existed.

While Budapest and Reykjavik are very different cities in almost every way, we try to keep our service similar: our nightlife guides are local young adults who know where the fun is, speak fluent English and love having fun themselves.

We pledge to be there for our customers with personal assistance 24/7, however giving them the freedom of privacy when needed.

We tailor the tours, packages and all the fun to the personal needs of our customers. Whatever you want to do we will make happen, no wishes cause us problems that we cannot find solutions for.