Some of our Budapest activities

Find your house or villa to enjoy your amazing stay or just for a wild party. Hangover show, guns, cleaning lady tequila show, party limo, beer bike, evil midget, steak and tits.

Your Party Scene

Rent one of our amazing spots to enjoy your evening, your week, or to host an unforgetable party. Jacuzzis, pool tables, outdoor grill, just name it –we have it.

Hangover Show

Want to surprise the stag? Or your friends? Order The Hangover dancers. Two ladies arrive and begin the show, one of them only goes halfway, in the end there is a surprise for your friends who have hopefully become excited, the second lady is male.


Wanna try some real life weapons? Shoot with AK-47, magnum pistol, show your skills and enjoy being a bad boy wannabe.

Cleaning Lady

Another fun surprise for your crew. The cleaning lady decided to wear a little tinier dress today, soon after arriving she begins to dance and strip off to shock your fellas.

Tequila Show

Love the bitter taste of tequila with the flavour and atmosphere of lemon and salt? Pimp up your tequila pre-party and enjoy your shots off a beautiful body.

Party Limo

Luxury limousine, champagne, (company?), leather seats, music. All you need.

Beer Bike

Cycling altogether around Budapest city centre with your crew, drinking beer, listening to loud music, singing, screaming.

Evil Midget

Amazing pumped small guy. Everybody loves him. You can ask him to handcuff himself to one of your buddies for an hour if you want to be extra funny.

Steak and Tits

Have you ever had a very desireable steak?